SCHMiDT 4350A Wheel Loader

Our mini series loaders are distinguished by a compact design and a small turning radius, thanks to which it is possible to work even in very small spaces. The machines have a very durable construction and are very easy to use. Very powerful hydraulics and high lift and ground breakout ensure high productivity. The high ground clearance, low center of gravity and good load distribution ensure exemplary stability even on difficult ground. The machines are characterized by excellent visibility, easy to change attachments, very simple operation with a multifunctional joystick.


4350A Wheel Loader Specs
Manufacturer: SCHMiDT
Engine Data
Fuel type Diesel
Exhaust emissions Euro III EPA Tier 4
Motor Model LS LACRV-T6
Number of cylinders 4
Max. power (hp @ 2650 rpm) 50 hp
Displacement (in³) 2.5 L/152 in³
Cooling Liquid
Electrical System
Operating voltage 12V
Battery (Ah) 75
Alternator (amp@12v) 65A
Vehicle Data
Driving speed (mph)  0-6.3; 0-12.5
Guaranteed sound power level A LWA (dB)  101
Sound pressure level A at the operator’s station with LpA cab.  84
Sound pressure level A at the operator’s station without a cab LpA.  85
Machine Weight (lbs.)  7,275 lbs
Maximum permissible weight per front axle/rear axle (lbs.) 8,800/8,800
Maximum permissible total weight of the loader (lbs.)  15,430 lbs
Max. lifting force (lbs.)  5,467 lbs
Tipping load, bucket (according to ISO 8313): Load capacity with loader horizontal/aligned frame (lbs) 4,410 lbs
Tipping load, bucket (according to ISO 8313): Load capacity with loader horizontal/articulated frame (lbs) 3,593 lbs
Tipping loads, pallet forks(according to ISO 8313): Load capacity with loader horizontal/aligned frame (lbs) 3,527 lbs
Tipping loads, pallet forks (according to ISO 8313): Load capacity with loader horizontal/articulated frame (lbs) 2,932 lbs
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic oil capacity (gal) 13 gal
Operating pressure (psi) 2610 psi
Flow rate (gpm) 13.5 gpm


4350A Wheel Loader Dimensions (ft’ in”)
B Total length of loader without bucket 12′
A Total length of loader with standard open bucket 15′ 11″
A1 Total length of loader with standard closed bucket 15′
P Total transport width – without bucket, tires 11.5 / 80-15.3 4′ 3″
P1 Total transport width ‐ without bucket, tires 19.0 / 45‐17 5′ 3″
F Total transport height (cab height)  7′ 10.5″
D Wheelbase 7′
Q Tire Width – 11.5 / 80 ‐ 15.3  3′ 4″
E Rear overhang  2′ 11″
H Seat height above ground  4′ 7″
J Maximum bucket height – full up  12′ 10″
K Maximum height to bucket pivot point 10′ 7″
L Maximum horizontal lifting height 9′ 7″
M Max. bucket clearance height when dumped  7′ 7″
O Max flat below ground (skimming)  2.5″
S Underbody Clearance Height  8.5″
T Turning radius to outer edge of bucket  13′ 5″
U Max. Outer turning radius to tire edge‐ tires 11.5 / 80 ‐ 15.3  12′ 3″
V Min. Inner turning radius to tire edge‐ tires 11.5 / 80 ‐ 15.3  7′ 11″
W Max. articulation angle 40° 
Y Bucket dump angle, horizontal machine, boom up  45° 
X Bucket fill angle, horizontal machine, boom up 43° 
Z Bucket fill angle, horizontal machine, boom down  45° 
α Angle of Departure 45°